Danish when it suits you

Romanians Adriana and Daniela have met with their teacher Pia once a week online. Now they have completed Danish Programme 3.

They may not have dreamt of a future in Denmark when they followed their husbands to an agricultural occupation in Farsø and Præstø, respectively.

But here they are now, with glasses of champagne, happy spouses, and a proud teacher – the first people to complete a Danish online programme through IA Sprog’s agro-online class.

Daniele and Adriana flanking their teacher, Pia: The online tuition has been a very practical and flexible solution for us.

The level is Danish Programme 3, and for Daniela Ascinte and Adriana Dumitras, both hailing from Iasi in Romania, a life in Denmark is now a definite possibility.
Both have received tuition at their exact level, even though neither of them has been living anywhere near a large language school.

Flexible tuition
Online tuition can be individually customized. The method does entail quite a bit of homework and a weekly concentrated session with a teacher. But this way of doing things has been ideal for the two young women – not least for Adriana, who is employed as a nurse at the hospital in Farsø. Teacher Pia Skjærbæk has taken Adriana’s duty roster and work hours into careful consideration. “Pia has been very nice and flexible,” Adriana says. Her aim is to specialize and become a wound nurse. Together with her husband, Bogdan, she has bought both a house and a car.

Training and driver’s license
Daniela had plans of staying in Denmark for a month when she arrived here three years ago with her husband, Ionut. “My English isn’t very good, so I wasn’t happy here. But then my husband’s boss asked me if I wanted to learn Danish. Then I got started, and I also got a job in a factory. If you want to live and work in Denmark, you must know the language,” she concedes.
But the language school is located in the town of Vordingborg and Daniela quit after module 3. “I took a break, but then I got a tip-off that it was possible to learn Danish online. Now I’ve completed my language training! At first it was difficult, especially the pronunciation and all the homework, but my teacher is really good, and it’s the same teacher all the way. In Vordingborg we got a new teacher very frequently.” Daniela has been employed in short-term jobs at, for instance, a cake factory, but now her goal is training in basic health care. “And then I want to get a driver’s license,” she says and slips out through the back door along with Adriana, Ionut, and Bogdan to go sightseeing in Copenhagen before heading back to Præstø.