A win-win situation

“It’s a win-win situation. You feel  ‘high’ when you – a student and yourself – have been ‘helping each other’ to a solution to the problem”. Says Annelise Abbas, volunteer homework helper at IA Sprog and contact person for the group of homework helpers.

Annelise Abbas is one of many who without payment strives to support Denmark working better. She has long held 10 years anniversary as a volunteer. Since 2004 she has been connected to Copenhagen Red Cross, a good part of the time as a homework helper at IA Sprog. As a former English-German bilingual secretary it was obvious to her that she should still deal with language in a volunteer job.

Of course, it is first and foremost the Danish language in connection to homework that she and the other homework helpers are giving assistance to, but also training for exam, reading of and creation of letters and emails, applications and CVs, filling in giros and net banking is on the programme. Only in a few cases they must give up – when it becomes so professionally that none of them can contribute even after searching the internet.

“The students are so grateful and the work is so rewarding”, says Annelise who is still in contact with several of ‘her’ old students.