The heart of IA Sprog: The reception

receptionThere is never a dull moment in the reception at IA Sprog. Students are coming and going, teachers are dropping by to leave a message, and sometimes a long queue is waiting in front of the desk – of the same reason the school has introduced a number system so that the queue order is kept!

Notwithstanding the size of the queue and telephones’ constant ringing no bureaucrats are to find behind the desk. The ‘costumers’ always get a welcoming service by Gary Glassman and his two colleagues, Susanne Bech and Rebekka Olsen. Students are approaching the desk or they are calling to tell that they want to start their Danish course or take a break. Some are asking if the school is offering English courses (no) or inquiring about the possibility of getting a job in Denmark (here the reception refers to the job counsellor who is visiting IA once a week).

Others are registering for exam or signing up for citizenship test. Yet others have used their three years of free Danish language training and are therefore asking what they should do.

The contact to the costumers is the part of the work that Gary Glassman likes the most. He comes from the USA where he started his career as a cashier in a bank. When he climbed the career ladder, he moved away from the costumers, but he missed the personal meeting. Therefore, the job at IA Sprog was exactly his choice when he was looking for a job in Denmark six years ago. – And there is yet another good thing about this job. I know how it is to be a newcomer to the country and struggle with the language, adds Gary – in a beautiful Danish with a pinch of ‘American’.