The founder of IA Sprog has died

René died on December 20th 2013

The founder of IA Sprog and the architect of the development of IT-based interactive language tuition in Denmark, René Mark Nielsen, died unexpectedly on December 20th, 64 years of age.

Renés last big project was the new ‘Skolegade’ online language tuition system, based on the use of modern technology in language tuition.

But he had other projects in line, among others a complete Dansh Grammar, on video and in several languages.

René started what later became IA Sprog, as a grassroot movement. He was a language teacher for foreigners in 1979, when he took the initiative to ‘Oplysningsforbundet for Indvandrere (OFFI) as a reaction against the lacking teaching materials and the predominant attitude towards foreigners.

In 1982 he founded ‘Indvandrernes Oplysnings Center’ (IOC) that became the start of IA Sprog.

Throughout the years IA Sprog has developed not only into the largest Danish language school but also to a strongly IT-supported language center with its own programme platform. Everything on the initiative of René and on basis of his pedagogical models with hundreds of videos, texts and exercises. The latest years René has been the architect, the author and project leader of what will become the future Danish Language tuition for students at IA Sprog.