IA Sprog in new surroundings in 2014

The first departments at IA Sprog have used the Christmas holidays for moving to IA Sprog’s new ‘head quarter’ at Vibevej 9-11. Copenhagen NV. It means that most students at Danish Language Level 2 and 3 – including students at IA Intensive – now will get their tuition at Vibevej.

In February, Danish Language Level 1, ‘Forberedende Voksen Uddannelse (FVU), the school administration, reception and management will follow suit.   All inquiries should therefore be addressed to Hejrevej 26 until mid February.

At Vibevej the students will be met by newly renovated and technical fully equipped class rooms,  a cosy canteen and a big reception hall. Also teachers are offered better conditions with offices for preparation and a big library.