Anca went online with IA SPROG

She is a Romanian and she speaks Danish,
but she has never been to a language school apart from exam time. Anca Gabriela Zaharia came to Denmark in 2009 to work on a farm. And when you like her lives far away from the big cities, online tuition can be the solution.

Below, you can read what she writes about her experience learning Danish with IA SPROG Agro Online:

“I started to learn Danish with IA SPROG Agro Online Danish in November 2009. It was impossible to reach a language school, since I live in a village 25 kilometres from Sønderborg where the language school is located.  I passed five modules (PD3)  and I was very happy. Now it is easier for me to understand Danish, Danish culture and to find a job.

You need a good internet connection and you have to be prepared for between five and eight hours of home work a week. It is better to learn Danish with Agro Online Danish at IA SPROG, because some students need to learn Danish quickly due to their job.

At Agro Online Danish they arrange the programme according to the student’s progress and daily routines. Thereby the student doesn’t have to wait for the others who might progress in a slower pace.

I think that Agro Online Danish is the best chance for foreigners who live in the countryside without the possibility to go to a language school in the big cities”, Anca says.