From whiteboard to charity

IA SPROG collects used white board markers: It protects the environment and supports aid projects

With 3000 students and more than 100 teachers many kilometers of letters are put on IA SPROG’s whiteboards every year and the consumption of the particular whiteboard markers is huge. That creates a corresponding pile of discarded markers, normally sent to destruction like most other garbage.

But it is past now – Last year, teacher Louise Frank Jørgensen took the initiative to collect the markers. Now they are remelted and reused. The past six months the many discarded markers have been collected and sent to the Danish branch of TerryCycle, an international charity recycling organization, initiated by American Tom Szaky in 2002. The organization started out as a manufacturer of compost and fertilizer, but has since then launched recycling programmes for many other types of garbage, e.g. pens and markers.

So, the language school at Hejrevej is a member of TerraCycles ‘Pen Brigade’ launched in cooperation with the BIC company in order to protect the environment and support charity. The markers are remelted into different plastic and metal products, e.g. watering cans and pen holders sold at retail. The more markers collected the more points you can get and exchange into financial support to a charity project of your choice. Louise Frank Jørgensen and her colleagues at IA SPROG haven’t yet decided how the money should be used – but most important is that the money is supporting people in need and that we contribute to protection of the environment, Louise says.