New IA offers: Written chat and online discussion

The first students are now introduced to IA SPROG’s newest offer, Chat Forum, an online practicing of written skills. The students will have the chance to sharpen their skills of written argues and attitudes in ‘real time’ together with a Danish moderator and one or two fellow students.

The first ones to try Chat Forum is a number of students who are already learning Danish online with IA SPROG’s Agro Online for foreign employees at Danish farms and nurseries. Later on, Chat Forum will probably be offered to other groups of students.

Chat Forum is not the only new online offer from IA SPROG. Online practicing of discussion where the student meet another student and an ‘ordinary’ Dane in a video conference for a topical discussion, is another. The possibility of online tuition for ‘Studieprøven’ – the superstructure of Danish Language Lavel 3 – is yet another offer.