They are looking after IA SPROG

There is no need for two to hang up a map but Haider and Nazar will do whatever to please the photographer

From early morning till late evening IA SPROG’s premises at Hejrevej are full of life – students and teachers are coming and going, people are running up and down of stairs and hallways, chairs are clattering and doors are slamming.

The building is getting worn from this of course. All the time there is something to repair, fix and maintain. IA SPROG has a skillful international team to manage this – Robert Bates from England is the chief maintaining officer – and he is assisted by two broad-shouldered brothers who came to Denmark almost 20 years ago as refugees from the war in Iraq.

Strong arms are needed when Haider and Nazar Karim, as they are called, have to carry tables and other inventory from and to classrooms and between different floors, when painting and maintaining is needed, when locks have to be replaced, copiers have to be fixed and new classrooms at VIbevej are organized and decorated.

The school’s atmosphere is always good, but in case somebody wants to make trouble, it is just a glance at the brothers and he will give up the idea! However, behind the fitness-builded armor of muscles there are two really nice and helpful guys, just ask any student and teacher at IA’s.

Haider came first – he was a student at the language school himself and got the chance when a service assistant was needed. When Haider two years ago went on paternal leave, his smaller brother Nazar got the opportunity of a temporary job. Later Nazar became part time employed and last year he got a permanent employment. IA SPROG is admitting an increasing number of students – it requires more classrooms and more maintenance. The school has to work – also in a physical sense and this is service team’s responsibility.

Haider and Nazar were teenagers when they first came to Denmark and started a whole new life. They had the age to be tempted by ‘bad friends’ . “But our father kept an eye on us – and he made sure that we stopped before we began. What we were looking for in Denmark was peace. There are other ways to live your life than making trouble – hopefully they will realize that in Iraq one day”.