Online Danish ended with top marks

The principal of IA SPROG, Jørgen Jespersen, congratulates Ólöf Hauksdottir

But first, Icelandic Ólöf Hauksdottir had to go through lots of  linguistic misunderstandings

When you are an Icelander, grew up in Sweden and have settled in Denmark, you are almost bound to meet the ‘language wall’ – the point where you need assistance to find out what is ‘true Danish’ and not ‘Dicelandic’ or ‘Swadish’.

- I didn’t learn Danish at school though unlike most Icelanders and in fact I believed that the Danish language was like Swedish. But in the beginning I didn’t understand a word, says Ólöf about her first time in Denmark.

It is much better now, for sure, and her pronunciation is almost perfect. Ólöf’s Danish is so good that she achieved top marks  – 12 – when she passed her Danish Language Level 3 in December at IA SPROG.

In the beginning – at module 4 – she had classes at the school; but in module 5 she changed to online tuition. A session once a week with a teacher on Skype. When you have a daughter of three years, the flexibility of online tuition is heartily welcomed.

Now, Ólöf considers to aim for ‘Studieprøven’ the superstructure of Danish Language Level 3. She is studyinga bachelor in International Business at Copenhagen Business School. Here, classes are in English, but if Olof wants to continue with a study taught in Danish, Studieprøven can be very useful. An the fact that Studieprøven now is being offered online is still more tempting.

- But first, I want to practise my Danish as much as I can – just like I did when I first came to Denmark three and a half years ago. I immediately started to speak, watch Danish TV and practice for myself. When I come to realize that I need help to get any further I will look for tuition that focus on my language problems – just like I had it at IA SPROG, Ólöf says.