A speedy offer turns five

November 2012, IA SPROG’s Intensive Department could celebrate its five years anniversary as the language school’s fast offer to students. A module at Intensive is finished in 12 weeks – fairly quicker than in classic danish tuition.

After a start where the teachers tried different tuition material the department invented a audio lingual material based on IA SPROG’s unique and all-covering Skolegade-material. This audio lingual material is mostly used during the first modules to automatize the students’ pronunciation.

The target group for IA SPROG’s Intensive course is mostly students with a higher education – i.e. students who are used to study. Since the start five years ago Intensive’s teachers have made a great effort in becoming the first choice of higher educated students when it comes to Danish tuition. There is a great competition on the field but many students choose IA SPROG’s Intensive course because the school has been recommended to them by other danish learners.