Copenhagen Post: IA SPROG is high-tech and innovative

Praise to IA SPROG in English weekly

“…it is in fact one of the most flexible, high-tech and innovative schools when it comes to meeting the needs of the students”. So is the characterization put on IA Sprog in an article featured in the weekly english newspaper The Copenhagen Post Vol. 15, November 2012.

The newspaper has paid a visit to the school and concludes that “one only has to look at the plethora of options available to students at IA” to know that other language schools “aren’t even coming close when they proclaim their flexible approach to teaching”.

And the article goes on: “With options to study intensively, online, during weekends or at a slower pace, IA has carved out a name for itself in tailoring courses to suit a person’s every need”.

Among others, 37-year-old Khalid Haddi from Marocco has been interviewed for the article:  “I was looking for a place where I could learn Danish efficiently without wasting time. Friends I asked said IA was the best and, having studied here for two years I would definitely recommend them”, he states.

Chinese Liya Chen and Semayeh Rajaeinejad follow up with praising the the productive working environment and the exiting teaching materials.

On top on this, the Copenhagen Post emphasizes the extensive use of computer programmes, videos and other innovative etching methods, developed by IA Sprog.

Facing all this excitement, superintendent (so named by Copenhagen Post) Jørgen Jespersen, modestly points out that IT is just a tool:

“In modern-day language instruction there are many important factors, such as well-trained professional teachers, a good and proven product and an inspiring environment. Only when technology is added to this does it work”, he says.