Danish far out – no problem with online tuition

Students at Danish Programme Level 2 can easily complete a Danish course online

The first DU2 students have completed their Danish course. Here, the principal of IA SPROG, Jørgen Jespersen, congratulates

This is the conclusion of three years experience with online tuition of about 150 foreign students working with agriculture and horticulture throughout Denmark.

The students are taking part just as engaged as Danish Level 3 students and they complete the tuition within the target and with fine marks, a report from IA Sprogs Business department says.

After a problematic start, where logistics and technical matters had to be adjusted the occlusion is that the online tuition is suitable for this type of students who work at odd hours and live a long distance from a normal language school.

Also for non English speakers
The online offer from IA Sprog means that these students, who otherwise have limited possibilities of formal tuition, on an early stage get a sharper attention on the language and have learned to use linguistic strategies when acquiring Danish.

Agro Online Danish works even for students who don’t speak English. It is the efforts with the homework, the ability to work independently, the motivation, and the systematic cooperation with the teacher that are the crucial factors for Danish Level 2 students’ success with Agro Onlie Danish.

“I really speak with the teacher… is is only me and the teacher (on Agro Online Danish). We are at the language school for two hours, but we only speak maybe for 10 minutes. Sometimes is is difficult to understand e.g. grammar, because individual accounts are not taken..”

This is one of the comments from students in a survey conducted by IA Erhverv(IA Business) amongst students in connection to the evaluation of Agro Online Danish. The student has a weekly 45 minutes online Skype meeting with the teacher / 60 minutes with a partner student an the teacher.

Technical issues and logistics an extra challenge
On basis of early experiences the team from IA’s Agro Online Danish have decided that a module can be implemented in 24 weeks with one lawson a week. Some of the students are able to pass a module in less time though and the first students passed their Dansih Level 2 exam this summer.

Online tuition is not without practical challenges, but with computers and Skype connections becoming better technical problems are less. Left is the logistics at the module tests and settlement of examinations. These can’t according to law not be implemented online but require physical presence. This problem has up till now been solved by letting tests and examinations take place at the Agro School in Hammerum and at IA Sprog in Copenhagen; this practical issue is still to be improved.