3 x 3 x 12

They scored an average of 12: Chris Natale from USA, Claire McLisky from Australien og Agnieszka Paruzel from Polen

They scored hattrick in Danish Level 3 exam

Skillful teachers and a suitable learning method.
It is a really good base for an excellent result!

The three students on the picture are modest, when they explain how they all achieved the average of 12 for their Danish Level 3 exam from IA Sprog’s Intensive course.

A good guess though is that Chris from USA, Claire from Australia and Agnieszka from Poland themselves had a part in the fine results? Oh yes, it is fact that you need to practice and work with your Danish, especially pronunciation, they say. Some good advices: Speak Danish as much as you can (here a Danish working environment and /or a Danish girl- or boyfriend is of great help!), read a lot, watch Danish television and movies and listen to Danish Radio One!