Kitchen-Danish via Skype

Parveen would like to work in a professional kitchen – now she studies hygiene and Danish via Skype


Parveen and her Danish teacher in Skype contact

 “At first I didn’t think I’d be able to learn it. But I’ve learned it now,” says Parveen and skilfully makes a Skype call. She’s in online contact with her teacher three times a week.

This way, she expects to complete her course in “Hygiene Danish” this summer. The course and the diploma will bring her closer to the labour market.

Normally the hygiene course, which provides the students with Danish language qualifications and knowledge of the proper routines in a professional kitchen, takes place as class instruction in the evenings. But evening classes do not fit well into Parveen’s everyday life, since she’s alone with two children, aged three and eleven.

The online session on Hygiene Danish lasts just under an hour; it might as well take place in her own home, but Parveen prefers to use IA’s computer room with its excellent Skype connection. “I also benefit more from the instruction when it’s just me and the teacher,” she says. She completes the Danish language course, normally fixed at 24 lessons, in just 16 lessons as single student.

Actually, Parveen had put her Danish language instruction on hold because it was difficult to find the time, her situation taken into account. But then the job centre gave her permission to enrol in the hygiene course, which will increase her chances of getting a job significantly. “And it has given me the motivation to learn again, so now I want to complete my education,” she says. Her plan is to pass the Danish level 2 exam in November or December 2012.

“I love to cook. So I hope that this course will give me an opportunity to get a job in a kitchen, maybe in a nursing home. I’ve worked in kitchens before, and I would like to do it again – with the proper qualifications.”

The authorized hygiene course itself – the course that deals with the actual kitchen work – is still a bit of a hurdle, though. The instruction is class-based evening tuition, a total of 24 lessons in May. And then a babysitter will need to be found.