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Are you a beginner or do you already speak and understand some Danish?

IA Sprog language school offers free Danish language tuition of high quality and at all levels; at daytime, in the evenings and on Saturdays, as classroom tuition or online.

Our counsellors will find a course that matches your level and your flexibility needs.

Find the right Danish course

The primary goal for IA Sprog language school is to teach Danish Language Programme 1, 2 and 3 as well as Labour Market oriented Danish for newcomers in Denmark – the Danish society’s free Danish language courses.

Read more about the IA Sprog Danish language courses:

Labour Market oriented Danish

For people who have recently arrived in Denmark. The course is aimed at the labour market and covers the basic Danish language needs in a everyday life and the job/study situation. Read more about Labour Market oriented Danish

Danish Language Programme 1

Flexible Danish course for intermediates who cannot read the Latin alphabet or have a short educational background.
Read more about Danish Language Programme 1

Danish Language Programme 2

Danish course for intermediates with shorter educational background.
Read more about Danish Language Programme 2

Danish Language Programme 3

Danish course mainly for intermediates with longer educational background from their home country. Within Danish Language Programme 3 you find a number of courses specifically designed for students who need high flexibility or want to go forward quickly. Read more about Danish Language Programme 3


Moreover, IA Sprog has a number of special offers:

Danish Language Programme 3 - Danish Language Online

Danish online is a Danish Language Programme 3 offer to students who want to learn Danish but do not have the possibility to attend class.
Read more about Danish online

Danish Language Programme 3 - Intensive Danish

IA Sprog’s Intensive courses are for those who want to go forward quickly and who are willing to do an effort with homework.
Read more about Intensive Danish

Danish Language Programme 3 - Saturday Danish classes

IA Sprog’s Saturday classes are for students who are busy with work or studies during the week. Combine class tuition with self studies.
Read more about Saturday classes

Danish Language Programme 3 - Danish for Scandinavians

Danish for Scandinavians are special classes for Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic or Finnish students who live and study/work in Copenhagen.
Read more about Danish for Scandinavians

Who can participate?

If you are more than 18 years old and have a permission to stay in Denmark, you most likely will have the possibility to participate in a free Danish language course.
Read more about Free Danish courses – who can participate?

Contact and register

Please contact us for further information and register here


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