It’s fun to learn Danish! A humorous soap opera about everyday life in Denmark and a suite of motivating tasks that give practice in the important language functions: This is the core of IA Sprog’s “Skolegade” concept.

The “Skolegade” material, which consists of films, textbooks and computer programmes, is the most extensive material for teaching Danish as a foreign language here in Denmark.

IA Sprog uses the “Skolegade” system both in general classroom teaching, computer-assisted workshop teaching and distance learning – including online learning.

The “Skolegade” material can be used at several levels and is useful in various methodological approaches. Built into the system are various assessment tools that give the student the possibility to correct his / her own work.

The “Skolegade” material has been translated into several languages, including: English, Turkish, German, French, Spanish, Somali and Polish.