Effective Danish with IT

Flexible and personal. IA Sprog has a long tradition of exploiting technological developments and incorporating new tools into tuition.
Since the late 1980s, IA Sprog has focused particularly on how IT and multi-media possibilities can be used to make teaching effective and targeted.

IT in combination
Most of the IA Sprog’s departments use IT-supported teaching in combination with regular group lessons. IT makes learning flexible, because the student can work with the material when she or he has the time and at a suitable pace. At the same time, IT also makes it possible to work with the material at several levels of difficulty.

Different teaching tools are optimal for different situations. In some situations, plain “old fashioned” classroom tuition is preferable to the computer, for example when practicing ordinary conversation. At other times, IT solutions are more advantageous, for example when it comes to explanations and instructions that can be given in specialized form and in the students’ own language.

IA Sprog has, over many years, developed its own educational programmes, first and foremost the Skolegade concept that you can read about below. The programmes are continually being optimized, and new ones are developed for IT-supported Danish lessons.

It’s fun to learn Danish! A humorous soap opera about everyday life in Denmark and a suite of motivating tasks that give practice in the important language functions: This is the core of IA Sprog’s Skolegade concept.

The Skolegade material, which consists of films, textbooks and computer programmes, is the most extensive material for teaching Danish as a foreign language here in Denmark.

IA uses the Skolegade system both in general classroom teaching, computer-assisted workshop teaching and distance learning – including online learning.

The Skolegade material can be used at several levels and is useful in various methodological approaches. Built into the system are various assessment tools that give the student the possibility to correct his / her own work.

The Skolegade material has been translated into several languages, including: English, Turkish, German, French, Spanish, Somali and Polish.