Intro Danish at IA Sprog

IA Sprog offers Intro Danish

Intro Danish (Intro-dansk) or Work-related Danish, is a special offer at IA Sprog for people who have recently arrived in Denmark.

The course is aimed at the labour market and covers your basic Danish language needs in a job situation.

Continue with ordinary Danish course

Once you have completed Intro-dansk, you may choose to continue your training at one of the ordinary Danish language courses, Danskuddannelse 1, Danskuddannelse 2, or Danskuddannelse 3. The latter is also available as an intensive tuition programme, Saturday tuition, or online tuition.
In addition to Intro-dansk you may continue your Danish language training and finish with an examination, within the framework of the offer of three years’ free language tuition for foreigners.

Who is eligible for Intro-dansk?

If you are a foreigner and employed at a Danish company or institution, if you are an EU cross-border commuter, or run a business in Denmark, you may sign up for Intro-dansk. The same applies to students and au pairs.
Additionally you must:
- Be at least 18 years old
- Have arrived in Denmark within the past year
- Have a valid residence permit
- Have a valid work permit

Intro-dansk at IA Sprog – where and when?

IA Sprog’s Intro-dansk course and the ordinary training programmes take place in the newly furnished facilities at Vibevej 9-11, DK-2400 Copenhagen NV.

The classrooms are all equipped with technological resources such as projectors and computers. Moreover, there are special IT rooms for students, in which they can make use of IA Sprog’s own computer-based teaching system.

In their spare time, students may study Danish on their own via IA Sprog’s interactive online web site.

Intro-dansk is available as daytime classes or evening classes. New classes every month.

IA Sprog also offers workplace tuition.

Sign up for Intro-dansk at IA Sprog or contact us for further information.