Free Danish courses in Denmark – who can participate?

If you are more than 18 years old and have a permission to stay in Denmark, you most likely will have the possibility to participate in a free Danish language course.

The municipality must inform you

Your municipality is responsible for informing you about the Danish language course. In general all foreign citizens with a Danish cpr number, no matter from which country, are entitled to a Danish course free of charge.

What kind of Danish course can I get?

For the majority of foreigners in Denmark, the municipality offers a 250 hours course for employees, students, spouses and aupairs.
Read about Labour Market oriented Danish - at IA Sprog.

After the 250 hours Labour Market oriented Danish course it is possible to continue with a free Danish language course within the Danish Language Programme.
Refugees and family reunified persons can start immediately on the Danish Language Programme.
The Danish Language Programme is divided into 3 tracks:
Danish Language Programme 1Danish Language Programme 2 and Danish Language Programme 3.
Which track you will be offered to attend depends on your educational background and the advice from a IA’ counsellor.

Where can I take my Danish course?

The Danish courses are usually held by a local Danish language school, a so called “language centre”, in Danish: Sprogcenter. Normally you can choose between several schools or language centres, if you live in one of the major cities.

Contact your municipality for more specific information about your individual rights to the free Danish course, or book an appointment with one of our school counselors here.

Another type of a free Danish course: FVU

Everybody who has a Danish CPR-number, have the option to participate in so called ‘Preparatory Adult Education’ - Forberedende Voksenundervisning, FVU-læsning. Read more about FVU-læsning.