Danish Language Level 2 – day and evening classes

Danish Language Level 2 – day classes:
IA Sprog’s day classes offer three lessons of classroom teaching plus a possibility for workshop training three times a week – in all, 12 lessons per week.

Classroom teaching is a mix of thematic work and instruction after a fixed series of books like for instance IA Sprog’s own ‘Skolegade system. ‘Skolegade’ contains a lot of computer exercises that the student can use in the workshop for dictation, grammar, listening etc.

Danish Level 2 – evening classes:
IA Sprog also offers Danish evening classes in two times three lessons per week. Lessons take place from 4.30-6.45 pm or 7.00-9.15 pm. It should therefore be possible to find a time that goes with work and family.

Like in day classes, evening classes are build on a fixed series of books and work with themes. Students in evening classes can add workshop training to their classroom teaching, having eight lessons in all per week. In the workshop they can work with computer exercises from the “Skolegade” system or others, or they can do their homework. The workshop is manned with “homework helpers”.