Danish Language Programme in Copenhagen at IA Sprog

Danish language school in Copenhagen - Sprogcenter IAFocus on student needs. The primary goal for IA Sprog language school is to teach Danish language Level 1, 2 and 3 under the government Danish Language Programme as well as Work-related Danish for newcomers in Denmark.
Students come from vastly different backgrounds and IA Sprog has therefore developed a wide range of educational programs to match their individual needs.

Work-related Danish tuition: Beginners course in Danish – for people who have recently arrived in Denmark. The course is aimed at the labour market and covers the basic Danish language needs in a everyday life and the job situation

➔ Danish language Level 1: Flexible Danish course for students who cannot read the Latin alphabet or have a short educational background.

➔ Danish language Level 2: Danish course for students with shorter educational background.

➔ Danish language Level 3: Danish course mainly for students with longer educational background from their home country.

Study Danish language day and evening

IA Sprog language school offers classes both during the day and in the evenings. Students attend lessons in a traditional classroom with instruction several times a week. IA Sprog has also Danish Saturday classes with a combination of self-study and classroom instruction once a week.

Much of the training material has been developed by IA Sprog and it is constantly being adapted to meet the students’ needs. A dedicated and well-trained faculty provide an education that is relevant to students in their contact with Danish society.

Some special offers are aimed at specific student groups. Other offers make it possible to complete a Danish course faster than usual. Yet others are built around e-learning and distance education.

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