Danish at the workplace

Learn Danish with colleagues. IA Sprog offers lessons for foreign employees in Danish companies. Lessons take place on location at the place of business during or outside of working hours. Groups are made up of at least 10 employees.
Before lessons can begin, IA Sprog assesses the students’ level and educational needs.

Danish language courses at different levels

The Danish Language Programme is offered at different levels:
  • Labour Market oriented Danish - The course consists of up to 250 hours tuition, organized in five tuition programmes, each of 50 hours. The tuition takes place during a period of up to 18 months.
  • Danish Level 1 is for foreigners with very little schooling – eg. illiterate
  • Danish Level 2 is for foreigners with little schooling
  • Danish Level 3  is for foreigners with a higher level of education / training

After the assessment has taken place, IA Sprog prepares a lesson plan for how the employees are to be taught – eg. which employees may be placed in the same group, and how many different groups are needed in order to make teaching effective. A lesson plan gives the employees a clear goal for learning Danish from start to finish.

Danish during working hours or after work

The workplace decides when teaching should take place:
During working hours:
Danish lessons can take place during working hours. If the programme consists of 6 or more lessons per week, the employer / employee can receive compensation for any. loss of wages (80% of the maximum subsistence). In Denmark, the scheme is called SVU.
Before starting work or after work:
The Danish language courses can also take place as an extension of normal working hours
At the end of the workday:
The Danish language courses can be placed partly at the end of the workday, partly in free time.