Danish Language Programme 3

Efficient mix. Danish Level 3 is organized for students who have a medium or higher education from their home country and who can proceed with the Danish tuition in a reasonable fast pace.

At IA Sprog lessons take place as day classes as well as evening classes. IT is an important tool and the tuition consists of a combination of workshop training and classroom and IT-based instruction.

As a student at IA Sprog, you can easily fit in your Danish studies in your daily schedule:

  • Morning classes: 8.30-12.00
  • Afternoon classes: 12.15-15.45
  • Early evening classes: 16:15-18.45
  • Late evening classes: 19:00-21:30
  • Students can use the computer workshop 17:15-20:15

The classroom and the IT based tuition are based upon the “Skolegade” system, which consists of movies, books, IT exercises and pronunciation material.

The IT programs have several levels of difficulty so that students can work at their own pace. At the school’s IT workshop the student can therefore concentrate on language comprehension and written work, while classroom instruction focuses more on oral skills.

Sprogcenter IA’s offers at Danish level 3:

Danish Language Level 3 – day and evening classes
Online Danish
Intensive Danish classes
Danish on Saturdays
Danish for Scandinavians

FACTS about Danish Language Level 3:
Instruction in Danish Language Level 3 at IA Sprog takes place according to the law of Danish language tuition for adult foreigners.
The purpose with Danish Language Level 3 is to provide students with relevant competencies making them able to complete a higher education.
Foreigners who have recently arrived in Denmark, who are over the age of 18, who have a valid Danish residence permit and a Danish social security number (CPR), or who fall under the rules on freedom of movement are entitled to up to three years of Danish language tuition in the one of the three Danish language programs: Danish Language Level 1, Danish Language Level 2 and Danish Language Level 3.