Danish Language Programme 1

Danish Language Level 1 at IA Sprog is organized for students who have gone to school a few years, who have a poor schooling or who have not learned to read and write in their mother tongue.

Students with different backgrounds

IA Sprog offers Danish language training to students with many different backgrounds. Some can read, others have learned to read using a different alphabet than the Latin; some speak Danish, while others have no prior Danish language skills.

Flexible and individual learning

Teaching is organized very flexibly, so that each student will get exactly the education that suits him or her:

▪ Students work together across the usual module placement
▪ Students are offered activities that suit their individual language level
▪ Teachers work together across team division to ensure optimal teaching

Day and evening classes

Lessons take place as morning classes, day classes or evening classes:
Morning: Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu.: 8.30 – 11.05. Fri.: 9.00 – 11.35.
Afternoon: Mon.: 11.45 – 14.15. Tue., Wed. Thu.: 11.45 – 15.05.
Evening: Mon. and  Wed.: 16.45-19.50.

FACTS about Danish Language Level 1:
Instruction in Danish Language Level 1 at IA Sprog is taking place according to the law of Danish language tuition for adult foreigners.The purpose of Danish Language Level 1 is to make students able to fulfil an unskilled job and to work actively as Danish citizens. A passed Danish Level 1 exam allows students to apply for a permanent residence permit.Foreigners who have residence permit or are staying legally in Denmark have the right to free Danish tuition at a language school.Refugees and family reunified persons can start immediately on the three Danish language programmes: Danish Language Level 1, Danish Language Level 2 and Danish Language Level 3.For the majority of foreigners in Denmark, the municipality offers a 250 hours beginners course for employees, students, spouses and aupairs. Read about IA Sprog’s Danish Labour Market language courses.

After the 250 hours beginners course it is possible to continue with a free Danish language course within the Danish Language Programme within three years.