Danish courses at IA Sprog – an overview

IA Sprog’s Danish courses and other offers
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Danish for newcomers in Denmark 
Labour Market oriented Danish is a Danish course for newcomers with a focus on Danish language competences at work. Labour Market oriented Danish is a free Danish language course, offered by the government, instrumented by IA Sprog to a high degree of efficiency.

Danish Programme 1
Flexible Danish course for students who cannot read the Latin alphabet, have little schooling or are illiterate.

Special offer within Danish Programme 1:

Women’s class
A Danish Language Programme 1 and 2 offer exclusively for women who have little or no schooling from their home country.

Danish Programme 2
Danish course for students with shorter educational beckground. Danish Language Programme 2 works with a combination of workshop training and classroom tuition and lesson plans are made in consultation with each student. Tuition covers topics such as citizenship, work and education.

Special offers within Danish Programme 2:

Danish for Polish speakers
Tailor-made Danish course for Polish speaking students.

Women’s class
A Danish Programme 1 and 2 offer exclusively for women who have little or no schooling from their home country.

Danish Programme 3
Danish course mainly for students with longer educational background from their home country. In Danish Programme 3, IT is an important tool for the individualized and flexible training. Students work with IA Sprog’s own “Skolegade” system that consists of movies, books and e-learning.

Special offers within Danish Programme 3:

Intensive Danish classes
IA Sprog’s intensive courses are designed for students who want to develop their Danish skills quickly. Demands on the students are high since they have to pass a module after eight weeks.

Combination course with Saturday classes
IA Sprog’s Saturday classes are for students who are too busy working or studying to attend regular day or evening classes. Tuition consists of a combination of classroom tuition and distance learning.

Danish course online
The course is an offer for students who do not have the time or possibility to attend classroom tuition. Part of the course is self-tuition and students should be able to pass a module test after maximum 12 weeks.

Danish for Scandinavians
A special course in Danish for Nowegian and Swedish speaking students in Denmark. Tuition focuses on the differences in vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammer between Danish and Swedish and between Danish and Norwegian. IA Sprog also offers special Danish classes for Icelandic and Finnish speakers in Denmark.

Danish while studying

Danish at CBS
Danish language classes on CBS campus, free of charge to international students. The courses are supported by access to a comprehensive online Danish language learning material, making additional self-study possible.

Danish at IT University
The IT University of Copenhagen offer free Danish Language Courses in collaboration with IA Sprog. The courses are free for ITU international students or staff who have a Danish social security number (CPR) or have applied for it.

Danish at Aalborg University
Internationel students at Aalborg University can participate in Danish online language classes. Courses are offered on all levels and are free of charge.

Danish at The Royal Danish Academy of Music
As an international student at RDAM you have several options of learning Danish with an IA-course.

Danish at Metropolitan University
International students at Metropolitan University in Copenhagen are offered free Danish courses on beginners’ level or  as ‘Hospital Danish’ and Danish for Scandinavians.

Danish at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
International students and staff at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KDAK) can attend free Danish courses offered by IA Sprog.

Danish language for businesses
IA Sprog organizes tailor-made Danish courses for private companies and public organizations. E-learning is part of the course so students can receive instruction regardless of time and place.

Danish at the place of the study
Danish course for foreign students at Danish educational institutions.

Danish at the workplace
Danish lessons for foreign employees in Danish companies. Lessons take place at the workplace during or outside working hours.

Other offers

Homework café

An offer outside the normal tuition scheme. Here, students and residents in the community are offered assistance with writing applications, letters, and assigments, reading letters and job listings etc.