Danish for intermediates and advanced

Do you want to improve your Danish? IA Sprog offers a variety of free courses for those who have previously studied Danish.

IA Sprog’s courses for those continuing their language programme take into account their knowledge of Danish, educational background and daily schedule.

Danish for work and study

If you already can speak some Danish, then “Arbejdmarkedsrettet dansk” (Labour Market oriented Danish), is a good place to start. The course consists of 250 hours of Danish lessons that focus on the need for Danish at work or in school.
Labour Market oriented Danish is offered at different levels of difficulty – so even if you’re continuing your Danish studies, there is a course for you. Courses are available during the day or the evening; we also offer an Intensive Danish course and Danish on Saturdays.

Get help from an IA Sprog counselor to find the right Danish course for you.

Read more about Labour Market oriented Danish at IA Sprog.

Continue with more Danish

If you have completed your course in Labour Market oriented Danish, you can continue on to the free module-based program that IA Sprog offers under Danish Language Programme 1, 2 or 3. Foreigners who have the right to reside in Denmark are entitled to three years of free Danish lessons beyond the course in Labour Market oriented Danish.

Just as with Labour Market oriented Danish, Danish Language Programme1,  2 and 3 take into consideration the student’s background, schedule, and language ability.

Refugees and those living in Denmark due to family reunification from countries outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland can start directly in the modular Danish programme: Danish Language Programme 1, 2 or 3.

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Get even more Danish with free FVU

Would you like to continue learning Danish after you have completed the basic programme? Preparatory Adult Education (FVU) is a good and free offer to anyone who wishes to qualify for a job or prepare for a (higher) education in Denmark.

Read more about FVU – Preparatory Adult Education (in Danish).