Intensive classes in Danish language

Speed. IA Sprog’s Intensive programme is designed for students in Labour Market oriented Danish classes and for Danish Level 3-learners who wish to develop their Danish skills quickly.


What is IA Sprog's Intensive programme?

The intensive classes are organized as Labour Market oriented Danish tuition with work/study-related language topics. Additionally, Intensive teaching is based on the “Skolegade” system and a wide range of IT tools, and pronunciation is given particularly high priority. In the first modules, English functions as a support language, while later on students and teachers speak only Danish in the classroom.

Intensive classes at what time?

Classes are available in the morning or the evening, with four lessons twice a week. In addition, the students have the opportunity to attend a four-lesson workshop every Friday morning, where they can get more individual support than in the classroom.

IA SPROG recommends students to register as soon as possible when they have decided a time for course start.  Thus, there is a better chance of starting the preferred date.

New Intensive classes start every month.

Who can participate in the Intensive programme?

It should be possible to pass a module after eight weeks of classes, so there are high demands on the students:
▪ They are willing to make a great effort and do 9-12 hours of homework per week
▪ They have completed at least 12 years of schooling in their home country
▪ They speak and write English

Intensive summer school

Beginner’s and intermediate’s course over four weeks in July.


Contact the Intensive Course directly by email at: