Danish for beginners

Dansk for begyndere på IA SprogA good start: IA Sprog’s beginner courses in Danish consist of small, efficient classes with professional teachers.

At the same time, you get the opportunity to practice Danish using Denmark’s largest Internet platform for the Danish language.

IA Sprog’s beginner courses take into consideration your educational background, daily schedule, and your experience with language.

Labour Market oriented Danish

“Arbejdmarkedsrettet dansk” (Labour Market oriented Danish) is especially designed for people who are beginners and are working or studying in Denmark.
The free, Labour Market oriented Danish courses have special focus on the use of Danish in everyday life, at work or at your study.

The Labour Market oriented Danish programme for beginners consists of 250 hours of Danish lessons that focus on the need for Danish at work or in school. The course is designed to keep in mind the student’s educational background and the amount of time they have available to learn Danish.

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Multiple courses for beginners at IA Sprog

IA Sprog offers different courses of Labour Market oriented Danish at the beginner level, each with a different pace and degree of difficulty. Labour Market oriented Danish courses are available either during the day or the evening.
Read more about Labour Market oriented Danish at IA Sprog.
There are also special offers for Intensive Danish or Danish on Saturdays.

Let IA Sprog’s counselors help you find the right Danish course for you.

When you have finished your beginner's course

When you have finished your course in Labour Market oriented Danish, it will be possible to continue your classes in IA Sprog’s free module-based system: Danish Language Programme 1, 2 or 3. Foreigners who have the right to reside in Denmark are entitled, upon completion of the Labour Market oriented Danish programme, to an additional three years of free Danish lessons.

If you are a refugee, or in Denmark due to family reunification from a country outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland, you can start learning Danish directly through the module-based Danish Language Programme 1,2 or 3.

Just as with Labour Market oriented Danish, these courses take into account the student’s background, time availability, and experience with foreign languages.

Let IA Sprog’s counselors help you find the right Danish course for you.