Danish for Scandinavians

The important differences. IA Sprog has special Work-related Danish and Danish level 3-courses for Scandinavians in Denmark, who:
▪ Are Swedish or Norwegian citizens
▪ Live and study / work in Copenhagen
▪ Have a Danish CPR number
▪ Have limited time due to study or work

The courses include pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar and are based on two specially-produced grammar and pronunciation compendiums that focus on the differences between Danish and Swedish and between Danish and Norwegian. All course-material is supplied free of charge.

In class students work on:
▪ Everyday Danish: What does one say at work place, the hospital, in the store,
at the bank, etc.
▪ Reading and listening comprehension
▪ Exercises in writing

For more information and registration for the course:
Write to: info@iasprog.dk or call 3888 3233.