Danish at Metropolitan University College

metropol-klasseAs an exchange or international student at The Metropolitan University College, you can attend IA Sprog’s free Danish classes on the campus of The Metropol University College or at IA Sprog.

If you follow the Danish course, it can be part of your Learning Agreement.

IA Sprog offers new Danish courses at Metropol in autumn 2016.

About IA Sprog's Danish courses at Metropol

The Danish course takes place during the whole semester. During the semester you will be tested at the AD1 level/ 1 ECTS and at the end of the semester at the end at AD2/1,5 ECTS. The two modules represents “Breakthrough”/ 2,5 ECTS.

The IA Sprog programme is designed for exchange and international students, combining two important elements:
Classroom instruction on campus once a week: Focus on oral communication and pronunciation as well as grammar
E-learning sessions and online access to Denmark ́s greatest amount of cohesive digital material via the IA Sprog website ia-online.dk, making it possible to supplement classroom instruction when and where you wish at your own pace and level

IA Sprog’s Danish classes sprog 2016
(Course place: Metropolitan University College, Pustervig 8, 1126 Copenhagen K/Tagensvej 86, 2200 Copenhagen N.):

Classes at beginner level: (Introductory Danish): Wednesday afternoon or Wednesday evening.

Hospital Danish: Classes at beginner level (Introductory Danish) for students within health care – once a week.

Danish for Scandinavian students
(Classes take place at IA Sprog, Vibevej 9-11, 2400 Copenhagen NV.).

Who can participate?

Your Danish civil registration number (CPR) is a prerequisite, as the programme is financed by the Danish municipalities.
You may not be registered for free Danish lessons with another provider at the same time as you are registered at IA Sprog.

More information/registration

International Department, Metropol, Hermodsgade 8, 2200 Copenhagen N.
Email: international@phmetropol.dk