Danish at ITU with IA Sprog

ITUIncrease your experience. As an international student at the IT University of Copenhagen, you are invited by IA Sprog to attend free Danish language classes on ITU campus.

IA Sprog is Denmark’s largest language school with many years of experience in teaching Danish to international students.

Register for IA Sprog’s Danish language courses autumn 2015 for international students at ITU. Courses take place at the IT University.

About IA Sprog's Danish courses

The classes are free of charge to international students – including educational material and online access and meet the legal standards of the Danish Educational Programme

IA Sprog’s Danish classes at ITU are designed for international students and their needs – combining two important elements:
Classroom instruction twice a week with three lessons. Focus is on oral communication, pronunciation as well as grammar. Classes often meet in small groups for homework sessions.
Online access to a password protected website with Denmark’s largest internet platform for the Danish language, making it possible to supplement classroom instruction when and where you wish

Who can participate?

A Danish CPR number is a prerequisite as the Danish programme is financed by the municipalities.
You may not register for free Danish lessens with another provider at the same time.

Classes will be started at ITU if a sufficient number of students are interested and have the possibility to come for classes on the day and time offered.

More information /registration

For more information about classes please contact the course coordinator: sabine@iasprog.dk