Counselling at IA Sprog

vejleder2The right way to Danish. As a student at IA Sprog you get competent guidance  by a counsellor, who assist you in finding the right Danish course.

The guidance takes place regarding your knowledge of languages, your educational background, your future plans and your time schedule.

IA Sprog counsellors
Birte Frøkiær
Susan Scheppan
Sanne Berg
Kim Witthoff
John Nievold

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Futhermore, if you live in Copenhagen and are not receiving unemployment benefits, it is possible to get counseling in educational opportunities, job seeking and voluntary offers (e.g. home work assistance, volunteering, judicial assistance) with Tina Kajhøj from Jobcenter Copenhagen International, phone number 26775962 or email

Tina is present at IA Sprog every Wednesday 9.00-15.00 at Vibevej 9, ground floor, room 0.07