Students are flocking to IA Sprog

Students continue to flock to IA Sprog. At the end of 2015 there were more than 4.000 students at the language school compared to 3.600 students tin 2014, says IA Sprogs annual report for 2015. The students come from Copenhagen Municipality as well as Copenhagen region, and particularly the Preparatory Adult Education (FVU) has received […]

Summer exam 2016

Dates for summer exam at IA Sprog are as follows: ‘Studieprøven’ – written part: May 17th Written part, Prøve i Dansk 3: May 18th Written part, Prøve i Dansk 2: May 19th Written part, Prøve i Dansk 1: May 20th ‘Studieprøven’ – listening test: June 2nd Oral exam: June10th – June 23rd Test – Danish […]

Exam results winter 2015

The IA Sprog students – in all 300 – got, in average, a fine result at winter exam 2015: The DU1-students finished with 6,2 in average, the DU2-students with 6,6, the DU3-students with 7,5 and students, who took the ‘Studieprøve’, finished with 7,4. Independent students sitting for examinations at IA Sprog are not included in […]

IA satellite in Tingbjerg

juleafslutning tingbjerg

IA Sprog’s Danish language training is located many places apart from the school at Vibevej. For many years the school has offered Danish training at different satellites at universities and other colleges. Now IA Sprog has also established a satellite in the tenement Tingbjerg in the northern part of Copenhagen. This neighborhood houses many immigrants […]

Students from RDAM get exam in Danish Language 3


IA Sprog has over the years established a large number of ‘satellites’ where foreign students from Copenhagen universities learn Danish. And for the first time students from the Royal Danish Music Academy have finished their studies in Danish Language Level 3 from IA. Here you can see the class with teacher Sabine Dragsted.

IA students saw movie of ‘Malala’


The Empire Cinema was filled with IA students invited by the school to a special show of the movie about Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl, who got seriously injured by a Taleban attack, because she agitates for human rights, freedom of speech and schooling. Malala has received the 2014 Nobel Peace Price.

Competition: A new name for IA Sprog Intensive Department

IA Intensiv

IA Sprog’s Intensive Department changes name. The name ‘Intensive’ is in fact not very precise – the department’s teaching method is not offering a ‘quick fix’, rather it is a special method of learning, setting high standards for the students’ own efforts and placing great emphasis on pronunciation. The department has now set up a […]

uddannelsesdag okt.2015

At the 29th October IA Sprog launched its ‘Education Day’ which in the future will be a recurring event. At the the ‘Education Day’ students could meet representatives from different educational institutions, get answers to their questions and even more information.

Harder requirements for Danish skills

Tv2 interviewer Ahmad

From 15th October it will be more difficult to obtain Danish citizenship because of stricter requirements for the applicants’ Danish skills. The Danish government has signed an agreement with a number of parties in the Parliament regarding the requirements, and on this occasion, Danish TV2 the 5th October was visiting IA Sprog to interview students […]