Welcome to IA’s new learning platform


These days, IA Sprog’s 4000 students are getting access to a completely new communications and learning platform,, with exercises, loads of learning material and information including the possibility of communication with teacher and other students. IA Sprog has for long been using online learning and teaching at flexible times. includes all existing material […]

Boost your career at IA

Why am I never invited for an interview and why is it so hard to get a job in Denmark where I can use my qualifications? Many foreigners  experience a hard time trying to pave their way into the Danish labour market. But help is units way – IA Sprog’s students can now get career […]

IA active in DHL again


True to tradition a motley crew of runners from IA Sprog participated in this year’s relay race in Fælledparken in Copenhagen in the beginning of September. As usual, the teams  were composed of students and employees from the school and after the race people enjoyed themselves with food and drinks in the IA tent – […]

Exam results summer 2016

Almost 350 students who sat for examination this summer finished with following results: The DU1-students finished with 6,7 in average, the DU2-students with 6,4, the DU3-students with 7,2 and students, who took ‘Studieprøve’, finished with 7,1. Independent students sitting for examinations at IA Sprog are not included in this calculation.

Summer school opens soon

Again this year, IA Sprog offers summer school in Danish at different levels. In weeks 26-30, that is from June 27th., we offer beginners- as all as Labour Market Oriented Danish at levels DU2 and DU3 – tuition takes place in daytime as well as in the evening. Day classes Tuesday and Thursday 8.30-12.45 am. […]

World food and festival at IA


The language centre invited everybody to free food, music and book publishing. Friday, June 3rd 2016, Ørnevej, where IA Sprog is located, was turned into a seething, colorful marketplace with stalls and loads of people, who supplied themselves with delicious exotic food from the stalls in a street blocked for cars. Inside in the yard […]

Students are flocking to IA Sprog

Students continue to flock to IA Sprog. At the end of 2015 there were more than 4.000 students at the language school compared to 3.600 students tin 2014, says IA Sprogs annual report for 2015. The students come from Copenhagen Municipality as well as Copenhagen region, and particularly the Preparatory Adult Education (FVU) has received […]

Summer exam 2016

Dates for summer exam at IA Sprog are as follows: ‘Studieprøven’ – written part: May 17th Written part, Prøve i Dansk 3: May 18th Written part, Prøve i Dansk 2: May 19th Written part, Prøve i Dansk 1: May 20th ‘Studieprøven’ – listening test: June 2nd Oral exam: June10th – June 23rd Test – Danish […]

Exam results winter 2015

The IA Sprog students – in all 300 – got, in average, a fine result at winter exam 2015: The DU1-students finished with 6,2 in average, the DU2-students with 6,6, the DU3-students with 7,5 and students, who took the ‘Studieprøve’, finished with 7,4. Independent students sitting for examinations at IA Sprog are not included in […]