Students and employees run for IA Sprog

IA hopes for a big number of participants in this year’s DHL Relay at Friday 28th August 2015 Thousands of Danish workplaces are each year in August participating in DHL Stafetten – a great event for runners who meet to compete and have a good time. In Copenhagen, DHL Stafetten takes place in Fælledparken. Here, […]

Funny start for IA’s movie club

IA Sprog’s new movie club for students premiered March 3rd with the Danish movie ‘Olsen Banden ser rødt’ and it was a success! Almost 100 spectators were laughing loudly while watching the famous movie and eating pop corn and drinking soft drinks. After the show the students had coffee and cake and a talk about […]

Winter exam 2014

The result was good when students from IA Sprog took their exam in November-December 2014: Danish Language Programme 1 students achieved 7,7 in average, Danish Language Programme students got 6,6, Danish Language 3 students ended up with 6,8 and ‘Studieprøve’ students with 7,7.

Summer exam 2015

Summer exam 2015 takes place on the following dates: Written examinations: ‘Studieprøven’: May 18th. Prøve i Dansk 3: May 19th. Prøve i Dansk 2: May 20th. Prøve i Dansk 1: May 21st. ‘Studieprøven’ listening test: June 4th. Oral examinations: June 12th. – 25th. Deadline for registration: March 9th.

Sweating in November

This week, almost 600 students are sitting for written exams at IA Sprog. ‘Studieprøve’-exam is first in line, followed by written exams for students at Danish Language Level 1 and 2 and Danish Language Level 3. The oral exams start at December 5th finishing at December 18th.

Winter exam 2014

Winter exam 2014 takes place on the following dates: Written examinations: ‘Studieprøven’: November 17th. Prøve i Dansk 3: November 18th. Prøve i Dansk 2: November 19th. Prøve i Dansk 1: November 20th. ‘Studieprøven’ listening test: November 27th. Oral examinations: December 5th. – 18th. Deadline for registration: September 8th.

Inauguration of IA Sprog’s new premises

At June 20th, IA Sprog inaugurates its new headquarters at Vibevej 9-11 with an exciting programme and the visit of the Minister of Education, Christine Antorini. The newly renovated premises house the major part of IA Sprog’s Danish language classes. Though, tuition also takes place at Copenhagen Business School, The Royal Danish Academy of Music, […]

A record number sat for exam

A record number of students is busy with their exams at IA Sprog a the moment. A total of 679 students sat by the end of May for the written examinations in Danish Language 1, 2 and 3 or ‘Studieprøven’. Oral examinations start next week and finish by the end of the month. A good […]

Results from winter exams 2013

The exam results were fine when 341 of IA Sprog’s own students passed their exams in the winter of 2013. Additional there were a number of self-paying students. For ‘Prøve i Dansk 1′ sat 22 students who achieved an average of 7,7. 201 students from Danish Level 2 sat for examinations and got an average […]

Summer exam 2014

Summer examinations 2014 take place on following dates: Written examinations: ‘Studieprøven’: May 19th Danish Level 3: May 20th Danish Level 2: May 21st Danish Level 1: May 22nd ‘Studieprøven’ listening test: June 4th Oral examinsations: June 12th-25th Deadline for registration: March 10th