The history of IA

Experienced and focused. As guest workers came to Denmark in the early 1970s, they typically registered for evening courses in Danish, with two or four lessons a week – that was all they had time for.

They had long and often hard workdays, and most had no intention of remaining in this country. Demand for Danish classes was therefore limited.

Gradually, however, many chose to bring their families to Denmark. In the late 1970s, this situation led to an intensive effort to provide Danish lessons.

IA Sprog’s story begins in 1980, when OFFI (OplysningsForbundet For Indvandrere /Adult Education Association for Immigrants) was founded. OFFI had great success and provided many hours of tuition. The initiative continued and came to be known as Indvandrernes Dag- og Aftenskole (IA), today known as IA Sprog.

IA – a service organization
Throughout the years, IA Sprog has worked determinedly to adapt Danish lessons to meet student requirements and wishes. IA’s approach has been, among other things, to organize tuition to fit into the students’ work and/or study schedule.

IA Sprog perceives itself as a service organization for students – a support – as they move ahead toward an active career in Denmark. IA does not compromise when it comes to teaching content. Offers are organized so flexibly that they can continuously be adapted to students´ work and educational situations.

If work or education make special language demands, IA will make a determined effort to help meet those demands.

Today, IA Sprog has a variety of educational programmes targeted to different student groups. Flexibility and efficiency are still paramount, new teaching tools are being developed, and the latest technology is being incorporated into our teaching methods.

Student in focus
IA Sprog has a variety of educational programmes designed to meet the many different needs and expectations that students have.

The student is always the starting point for teaching. IA is therefore continually developing new courses and adding new learning tools in conjunction with student feedback.

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