Facilities at IA Sprog

IA Sprog’s language school is located at Vibevej 9-11, 2400 Copenhagen NV – here, tuition takes place at 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor. Apart from that IA Sprog has access to class rooms at Blegdamsvej.

At Vibevej students can use the different IT workshops within the school’s opening hours. The computers are equipped with IA’s own computer programs.

At Vibevej 9, ground floor, you find the canteen. Here, it is possible to buy soft drinks and sandwiches, fruit etc. The canteen is open only for IA Sprog’s students and employees.

Home work assistance and ‘conversation friends’
In collaboration with Red Cross, Copenhagen, IA Sprog puts a number of volunteers at the students’ disposal as ‘conversation friends’. In this way, students can get extra ‘conversation training’ and home work assistance in connection to the tuition. Apart from that, IA Sprog has employed a group of home work assistants/’conversation friends’ who particularly assist evening students.